How do we live the blessed life? We must first believe that God wants to bless us. According to His Word, His plan has always been to bless His people. However, when we refuse to believe it, we separate ourselves from His provision. God’s best for His people includes a life of abundance, not lack. This truth is confirmed throughout the Bible.

  1. As Believers, we are supposed to be blessed at all times and in every way (Deuteronomy 28:3, 6).
    1. For example, God blessed Abraham in every way (Genesis 24:1).
    2. To be “blessed” means to be empowered to have success in every area of life.
      1. To be blessed is to be the object of God’s favor.
    3. Although God wants us to be blessed, we cannot just sit back and wait for His blessings to fall upon us. We must pursue the blessing with our faith.
  2. How does God bless?
    1. He speaks empowering words about something or someone (Genesis 1:22, 28, 2:3).
      1. When we speak empowering words about people and things, we speak blessings over them.
      2. Likewise, when we speak negatively about people and things, we speak curses over them.
  3. Three things we have to consider if we want God’s blessings:
    1. We must discipline ourselves (in prayer and knowledge of the Word).
    2. We must obey Him.
      1. We should ask Him to make us aware of our disobedience.
    3. We must be faithful.
      1. We must be dependable, diligent, and have integrity in all we do.
  4. Three reasons people do not receive God’s blessings:
    1. A lack of knowledge of His Word (Hosea 4:6)
      1. The development and growth of our faith depends on our knowledge of the Word (Joshua 1:8, Romans 10:17).
      2. We receive revelation as a result of knowing His written Word. He gives us revelation concerning our own situations.
    2. Some people do not receive God’s blessings because they fail to correctly appropriate the laws of faith.
      1. For example, either they have not asked God for what they want or they ask with selfish motives (James 4:2, 3).
      2. They ask God for what they want but doubt that He can or will bring their request to pass (Mark 11:22).
      3. They ask God for something but have not forgiven someone (Mark 11:25).
    3. Some people do not receive God’s blessings because they have no revelation of what it means to fear (reverence) the Lord (Proverbs 8:13).
      1. For example, they begin to accept the norms in society, which oppose God’s Word.
      2. They become accustomed to worldly ideas, many times, through entertainment.
      3. Fearing God or having a reverence for Him means we love Him so much that we only want to please Him.

Scripture References:

  • Deuteronomy 28:3, 6
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Pastor Robert Bagonza

Senior Pastor Redeemed Church